What Is It Going To Cost?

The transmission is the most complicated piece of equipment on your vehicle; it’s important to understand that not all transmission issues are exactly the same.

We have found that in the general auto repair industry one in four transmissions are overhauled or replaced in total error. We believe that the most expensive transmission repair is the one you did not need in the first place.

At 1st Gear Transmissions, we diagnose and repair over 40 transmissions every month, and we’ve been doing this for over 10 years. We know transmissions.

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as well as what the WARNING SIGNS can be for your transmission...

In approximately 70% of the situations when someone brings in their car thinking that they need a complete transmission overhaul or replacement that will cost thousands of dollars, we have been able to fix the transmission for less than a car payment.

We find that customers can be their own worst enemy. In order to avoid misdiagnosing a transmission problem we do our due diligence by performing a Level One Transmission Diagnostic Service for only $39.

This Level One Diagnostic Service diagnoses about 80 percent of the transmission issues that we see on a regular basis. This diagnosis usually takes 24 hours and is referred to as a “No Wrench Diagnostic.” (In this diagnostic step, we don’t take the car apart at all.)

After the diagnosis is complete, we will let you know what is wrong with your transmission and give you several options on what to do next.

We let you decide!

We’re in the business of making friends, not enemies, we’re all about building relationships. Whatever is good for you is good for us.

Our Basic Transmission Diagnostic

Level One Diagnostic

1. Check transmission fluid lever & analyze condition

2. Short road test to check shift quality, shift pattern, torque converter operation, verify overall transmission performance observing transmission data stream on scan tool for irregularities

3. Initial support the vehicle in the air for external transmission leak checks

4. Scan & record all diagnostic trouble codes (DTC’s)

5. Battery and charging system test

6. Minor search of problem data bank if needed

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