Services Provided by 1st Gear Transmissions

Preventative Maintenance Service

Transmissions (standard transmission or automatic transmission) transfer cases (four wheel drive and all wheel drive) differentials and axles. All Our Service Include "Factory Fill" assuring the service meets the requirements of upholding the factory warranty. This has been widely overlooked in the industry, However, there are specific transmission fluids your car requires and based on experience, 1st Gear Transmissions is adamant about "Factory Fill." READ MORE


Automatic Transmissions Maintenance, Repair, and Rebuilding

As automatic transmissions become more efficient, the demand for manual transmissions has decreased. However, manual transmission still hold a place and some people as a personal preference would choose the manual transmission over the automatic. As simplistic as they may seem, because of the lack of frequency in which shops work on manual transmissions, they often miss-diagnosed in which the customer spends money needlessly. READ MORE

Manual Transmission Maintenance, Repair, and Rebuilding

1st Gear Transmissions is recognized by ATRA - Automatic Transmission Rebuilder Association - as being a leader of the repair, diagnosis, and service of automatic transmissions for the Phoenix, Arizona region. The technicians at our transmission shop are all highly trained, well seasoned and certified, ensuring you get the service you expect and deserve. READ MORE

Clutch Maintenance and Repair

Diagnosing clutch problems is a complicated process because many other problems can cause the same kind of symptoms that may make you to think your clutch is failing. The chattering or grabbing when the clutch is engaged isn't always caused by a faulty clutch, so getting a good diagnosis from 1st Gear Transmissions is your first step in clutch repair.

Drive Shaft and CV Shaft Repair and Replacement

The first sign of a bad driveshaft or drive axle are the feelings of unusual vibrations. The vibrations will generally come from the rear end of the car for rear wheel drives and the front end of the car for front wheel drives. Sometimes these vibrations get gradually worse and you might not perceive the gradual change.

Transfer Case Maintenance and Repair

The transfer case almost always gets forgotten. People say, “I never use the four wheel drive, what does it need maintenance for?” This is a wives tale. The transfer case is always rotating and has power or torque going through it. This is regardless or not if you use the four wheel drive. Transfer cases are expensive and you definitely don’t want to buy one because transfer case services are relatively cheap. READ MORE

Differential Maintenance and Repair

The differential takes rotational input from the transmission and re-directs it out to the two tires. Although there are different configurations of Components, the differential is generally the connection point between a drive shaft, connected to the transmission providing the power & a left and right axle shaft.

Other Services Include:

• Electrical Diagnosis
• Check Engine Light or OD Light Flashing
• Almost all Other Driveline Services

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At First Gear Transmissions, we're 100% committed to your 100% satisfaction. While we are experts in transmission service, repair and rebulding, there's no mystery to what we do. The articles provided on our website offer tips on auto maintenance, explanations about transmission rebuilding, and more. These resources are here to help you.

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