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Should I Spend the Money to Repair My Car or Just Buy a New One?

Should I Fix My Car or Replace It?
That's a difficult question that we help our customers with every day. We've been helping car owners with that decision for over 10 years and we've identified 5 questions we think you should consider when you're confronted with this decision. If you are faced with a major repair such as an engine or transmission replacement, ask yourself the following questions... READ MORE HERE


What Are the Signs of Automatic Transmission Problems?

1. Is your fluid level correct? It's important to check your transmission fluid at least twice a year. Not only can a low fluid level cause your car to shift poorly, it can eventually lead to transmission damage, and a costly repair. If your car seems to be losing fluid on a regular basis, you have a leak!

2. Is your transmission leaking? Unless it's been changed to a non-dyed fluid, your car will have red transmission fluid. Have you seen red puddles in the driveway?

3. Does the “Check Engine Light” come on intermittently? Although it may say engine, check engine lights often come on for transmission problems.

4. Does the “OD or Overdrive Light Flash”? This is like the check engine light for the engine, but instead it’s for the transmission.

5. Does the vehicle act strange on cold starts in the morning or after the car has been sitting?

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What Are the Signs of Manual Transmission Problems?

Manual transmissions are designed to operate smoothly and efficiently. Although fairly basic in design, like with anything mechanical, there can be component failures. Most manual transmission problems start small and produce these types of symptoms:

1. Hard Shifting
2. Gear Noise
3. Gear Disengagement or Popping Out of Gear
4. Hard Clutch Pedal
5. Soft Clutch Pedal

For a more detailed description of each of these symptoms, please READ MORE HERE

If you've answered YES to any of these questions, CONTACT US today!


At First Gear Transmissions, we're 100% committed to your 100% satisfaction. While we are experts in transmission service, repair and rebulding, there's no mystery to what we do. The articles at left and below offer tips on auto maintenance, explanations about transmission rebuilding, and more. These resources are here to help you.


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