Important Auto Repair Topics and Tips For Your Automobile

Maintenance Mistakes You May Be Making

Gone are the days when we, as drivers, had a long checklist of things we needed to do to keep our cars running and on the road.  If fact, today’s cars are so easy to care for that we sometimes forget that they do still need routine service or we downplay the importance of completing crucial services like oil changes and tire rotations.  Mistakes we commonly make such as skipping significant service milestones, some people also perform services on the wrong schedule or do things that are no longer needed and sometimes not even good for their car... READ MORE

Maintenance 101: Check Engine Light

How many times has this happened to you?  You are driving to work and the check engine light comes on.  You make a mental note to take it to get it checked out at lunch, but you get stuck in a meeting and miss lunch.  As the day wears on, your mental note gets lost amidst all the other information bouncing about in your mind.  You completely forget until you get in the car to leave, but it’s late in the evening and the shop is already closed.  You remind yourself to add it to your to do list when you get home and put it out of your mind.  When you get home, there are 20 other things to do and without the constant visual reminder, the check engine light problem fades from your memory... READ MORE


15 Things You Should Always Have in Your Car

Cars break down, weather happens, the world can be an unpredictable place.  The best way to make sure you are always ready for what comes your way is to prepare ahead of time.  The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) ( recommends keeping emergency supplies in your car so that you are prepared on the road as well as at home.  Here are the 15 things you should always have in your car... READ MORE


Long-Term Reliability Car Quality Index for Automobile Transmissions

Designed by Steve Lang and Nick Lariviere, the Long-Term Quality Index aims to give the average car buyer better insight on long-term reliability when it comes time to purchase a car. By using real-world used automobile and transmission data, the buyer is provided with a way to compare different years, makes, and models based on transmission reliability data taken from vehicles that have been traded in. The Long-Term Quality Index focuses on transmission and powertrain issues, and the distribution of automobiles by mileage... READ MORE



Top 4 Signs of Transmission Trouble

One of the best ways to avoid transmission failure is to understand the warning signs that trouble is on the way. Regardless of whether or not you are mechanically inclined, you can learn what to look out for.  Here are the top 4 signs that your transmission may be in trouble... READ MORE


What Does My Transmission Do?

Most people get into their car everyday and drive to the various places they need to go with little thought to how what is going on under the hood makes their mobile lifestyle possible.  In most cases, the only time we become curious about what makes our cars go is when something goes wrong and we are facing a costly repair bill.  Understanding how your car works and what the different components do can help you identify a small problem as soon as it starts, thus potentially helping prevent those costly repair bills... READ MORE

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