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I've had the pleasure of doing business with Ryan and his team of expert mechanics for about a year and a half. I own multiple high mileage vehicles, three of which have needed transmission overhauls. The first was a 2002 Honda Odyssey. There were some issues with parts not fitting as they should. Ryan called in Honda techs to help help with the rebuild. The Honda techs were stumped as well. Ryan working with Honda was able to determine the transmission was Canadian built. Problem solved, and all the additional time and work did not result in additional cost to me what so ever. Ryan stuck by his word and estimate. He also did a transmission rebuild on my 2004 Toyota Camry, after 8000 miles I lost reverse due to the a part that snapped in half and . Ryan stated a failure like this was unusual for a Toyota, he  determined the failure was likely due to metal fatigue. In just a couple days I had my Camry back repaired at no cost to me! He even took it upon himself to reattach my front fender where I had an unfortunate encounter with a deer and adjusted my brakes, again no cost to me. Outstanding!!!  I could go on and on, but you get the idea! Excellent pricing, excellent customer service, excellent communication and a rock solid guaranty! I highly recommend First Gear Transmissions and Drivetrains.
- John H.


My first experience with First Gear Transmissions was 4 years ago when they rebuilt the transmission for my old truck. I chose them because I heard they stood behind their work. Four years later and the truck is still going strong. I then (a year later) recommended First Gear to my son was having transmission trouble with his car. They rebuilt it and he's not had a problem since. Last year I purchased a used Explorer and you guessed it. Transmission problems I’m told certain models are famous for. I took it to First Gear. After checking it out thoroughly, they informed me that the transmission wasn’t bad after all. They repaired the problem at a most reasonable cost. These people are GREAT at what they do. And what's more, they can be BELIEVED! What a rare breed when it comes to the field of auto mechanics today! I would highly recommend them to all who have transmission problems.
- Curt C.


Ryan and the crew at 1st Gear went above and beyond, I would recommend them to anyone without hesitation. You guys are the best (and Christine too)!
- D.J. S.


They're awesome! If you need anything done, go here!
- Tiffany R.


These people are excellent. They really seem to know cars and trucks, and not just transmissions. I always had the impression that they had my best interests in mind. They're courteous, prompt and professional. I had a transmission on a 10-year-old Ford F-150 overhauled. It's been running flawlessly since then. They stand behind their service. I have a documented 100,000 mile warranty if I maintain service on the transmission at agreed-upon intervals. It was not inexpensive to have the service preformed, but I think what I paid was appropriate for the work performed. I strongly recommend them.
- David M.


"Verified that our vehicle actually needed a new transmission.  Check engine light would repeatedly come on, but engine/transmission acted fine.  Dealership said new transmission was needed and quoted a high price for repair.  Went to First Gear for a second opinion and felt that the owner was very trustworthy and professional.  He took the time to drive the vehicle and then explain what was happening with it. Vehicle was ready when he said it would be and drives just fine.  Explained the need for regular follow up care and checkup at about 500 miles is included in regular cost."
- Laura R.


"We obtained 3 estimates to repair our transmission. Highly recommend. We were very pleased with the service & the price. I would use this provider again and recommend him to friends. Our transmission was repaired on time and on budget."
- Pamela L.


"They fixed a TC valve in my transmission. They were excellent!  They fixed my problem for the right price."
- Gene S.


"This rating is actually for the shop in arden thank you so much, guys, for the work on my car!"


"I recently took my Nissan Altima to First Gear Transmissions. Quick service and quality work. The technicians were honest, straightforward, polite, and explained all of my options clearly. Fantastic Warranty!"


"I had a clutch go out and found this shop by looking at reviews on this site. I'm not disappointed that I did! I called 3 places, including a stealership. Two of the 3 said, well, we can't really give you a quote to fix that till we look, but we guess maybe $1,200-1,300. First Gear gave me a quote to the penny, much less than $1,200 by the way. Of course, they said if they found anything else, they would let me know. They did find something by the way, and it cost me a whopping additional $7. Hope to not have problems again, but if I do, that's where I'm going."
- reviewer #65123 from www.CarTalk.com


"I had transmission problems on a 2000 Impala. Ryan drove the vehicle with me, explained the problem, the options and quoted a fair price. The transmission has worked fine and they also fixed an oil leak and installed a trans cooler at a fair price. They encourage followup check ups. Recently, I heard a noice on accelleration and thought it was the transmission. Took it to them and Ryan drove it. He determined it was the power steering and put some fluid in it and it solved the problem. I was embarassed that I had never checked the fluid in 160,000 miles. (The resevoir is in a hard to get at place behind the engine.) He didn't want any money for his time or effort but I have him some anyway! I would recommend them to anyone."
- reviewer #65122 from www.CarTalk.com


"I had just moved back to the area and the transmission on dodge went out ( a large understatement ) they called me at each turn and offered several options and the ups and downs of each. They were very courteous and explained the job of each component that had to be replaced. They talked to me about the job of my truck and explained why I needed or did not need rebuilt or new parts. Being female I have a on going distrust of mechanics and they broke through that and even help point me to honest people in the area. By the way I said no answer on response to screwing things up because they did not but they did say to call if I thought anything at all was wrong and they would look at it at once."
- reviewer #65121 from www.CarTalk.com


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